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Jimi - Products That Make Sense
Jimi - Products That Make Sense


Since we launched our first Jimi™ product - the Jimi™ wallet, the response has been overwhelming. We figure we might be on to something. Thank you all for your support, and encouragement. And please keep letting us know what you think.

Here's a selection of comments from Jimi nation…

I have a pink and a purple Jimi...I LOVE THEM!!! They are so cute for girls and so quick and easy. It totally eliminates my need for a purse. My pink one broke but your fast and friendly customer service is sending me a new one right of charge. The 2 year warranty is great. I love carrying my wallet and everyone asks me where I got a plastic wallet...I'll be buying more. I'm obsessed with my adorable Jimi. Thanks guys
-- Olivia, CA

Dear Jimi:
I felt compelled to share my recent travel tale with you, in which my Jimi wallet garnered an unusual amount of attention.

We had just arrived in Puerto Varas, Chile, after 3 long flights and a short cab ride. It was Saturday night, the start of a 10 day adventure in Southern Chile. We were staying in Puerto Varas at a beautiful, wooden hotel on a lake, with a view from our window of three snow-capped volcanoes. After a nice dinner and some delicious Chilean wines, our group went off to bed. At 1:30 AM, we were wakened by the sounds of much commotion inside & outside the hotel, and eventually a frantic knock & shout at our door. The hotel was on fire! My wife opened the door and smelled the smoke, and we quickly threw on some clothes and ran outside…..leaving all of our belongings inside, including our passports, money, and my Jimi wallet.
-- Peter & Sandy, PA

The high ratings given to this merchant reflect my respect for the fact that they have masterfully implemented a wonderfully simple idea that works. The product design is fantastic and the sense of social responsibility that Mr Smith Inc demonstrates is all too rare. I know of very few places where the merchant, customer and the greater community each benefit from one another in such a beautiful manner. I can recommend the Jimi wallet without hesitation to one and all.
-- Michael, MD

I hate wallets and I must say the jimy is very very cool!
-- German, Fl

I ordered the wrong colour Jimi wallet by mistake, so I emailed customer services to see if they could change my order, they could not have been more helpfull and to top it all off it only took 4 days to arrive from the States.
-- Neil, UK

I really, really appreciate almost every aspect of your company, and you should know that I get stopped by cashiers asking what kind of wallet I have, I've gotten another one for someone for christmas already, etc. etc., people are fascinated with your product and you have nothing but bright futures ahead of you with some of the best customer service I have ever seen. Thank you.
-- Matthew, NY

Thanks! everything was smooth and satisfying from reading the well written description, reviewing the movie of the Jimis use, through ordering and delivery.
-- Brian, MA

Anbefales til alle nordmenn/kvinner. After recieving this great product from my norwegian webstore - I enjoyed to read the "Operator's manual". Your MWR™ policy makes this product even more worth to me, and I love it. Keep up the good work!
-- Reidar, Norway

So, my jimmy arrived in the quickest time from over the pond and I've had it in use for a good couple of weeks. I have to tell you that it's not been out of my pocket since I opened the parcel. It's never over stuffed because I never have enough cash to fill it and it has got me out of the habit of keeping receipts until they turn nasty and smelly. Keeping me streamlined. I like it. Nice one guys!
-- James, UK

While i occasionally miss having some of the things i used to be able to fit in my big wallet, i don't miss the bulk: i love the fact that the jimi forces you to streamline what you carry around with you.
-- Bruce, FL

This product was received in time to be used for a weekend bicycle trip. The bills were dry and crisp, the Cr/cards were easy to get to, the JIMI fit into my jersey pocket, saddle pouch, and back pocket of casual shorts with less delectability than a leather or canvas wallet. The clear provided enough transparency to show ID without opening. I got several good comments on the JIMI. I will probably make these a gift at Christmas with the guys.
-- Eric, TX

You guys are great - my Jimi's just arived and it looks even better live then on photos :-)
-- Ivan, Coratia

Excellent product and transaction! I only docked a point for the price because I am a frugal/poor student. But the wallet is SOOOO worth it!
-- Jamie, SF

I was browsing the web a couple of days ago and I cam across your website. I love your wallets and was always searching for one which would be small and light, but also durable. And yeah, I really do hate plain old fashioned wallets!
-- Jurica, Croatia

Thank you, I'm very impressed by your quick response and customer service!
-- CE, Austin

Now carry two wallets: my jimmy in my pocket, and my big fat leather wallet in my bag, with all the backup cards and gift cards and insurance cards, etc. Love it.
-- Josh, LA

I purchased a Jimi a few months ago and wow I wish I were carrying a bag of them on my back at all times to sell for you guys. You have no idea how many folks ask me about mine. Everytime I pay at a store or when I'm with friends who see me use it. Everyone wants one. I tell people to go to the web, but I don't think it ends up happening.
-- Jen, Boston

None too shabby!
-- P, LA

I just want to thank you for an excellent product. I just received my smoke colored Jimi today in the mail and I must say it's great. Just as described. Your tagline..."the wallet for people who hate wallets" describes me and the wallet perfectly. I cant wait to see how durable they are in my back pocket and how long it lasts. I may order more and even a few as gifts. Great Job! Any other products on the horizon?
-- Nick, NJ

My wife got me your wallet some time ago for me. It is an awesome product. But one feature that hasn't been promoted yet is the following: As a musician and extensive traveler i have to go through airports all the time. Security can be a pain when you have to empty everything out of your bags and pockets. The Jimi, assuming no metal in there, doesn't even have to come out of my pocket. No one has to see my wallet and i dont have to leave it exposed to any unscrupulous travelers. So thanks again for a great product!
-- G

My purchase of the Jimi The Wallet for People Who Hate Wallets exceeded my expectations. The web site was easy to use and delivery was on time. As I attempt to downsize my personal effects to fit the Jimi, I have realized I do not need all the stuff I used to carry. I appreciate the ecological, sutainable and Made in the USA product. Kudos to Mr. Smith.
-- Paige, CO

Thank you very much for making such a wonderful product. I am extremely happy with my purchase from the quick response, email confirmation, and the hand written note that accompanied the Jimi. It feels good to have gotten rid of my ever-growing nylon wallet and moved to a limited space where I must take 'only what I need to survive.' Also it looks kick-ass.

Last weekend I went to a new store in town called Parallel Market and low and behold, at the cash register they had a display of Jimi's, and the people who worked there said they loved theirs. So again, thank you.
-- Nathan, TX

It is a cute little thing, but I dont think I will use it. I thought it would be a little more substantial. Also, I expected it to have a cord for the little hole in the corner. Perhaps I will use it this summer. It is cool to have laying around. Looks nice next to an ipod.
-- Richard, CA

... anyone selling them in Australia? seems like a lot of effort to ship just one down here. Well done on such an eco-friendly alternative to the leather wallet!
-- Dave, Australia

Great product. Seen it before and just had to get one. Just curious if you are planning on a water tight model. That would be great.
-- Nikolai, WI

I recently purchased one of the Jimi wallets from your site as it seemed like a great solution for my needs. I gave up regular wallets many years ago and so far have been relying on various business card holders for storing and carrying my atm, visa and membership cards. The Jimi was a great solution, and most importantly was plastic and light, as opposed to heavy metal card cases I've been carrying.
-- A, Toronto

I have received the jimi yesterday, its very nice !!! Thank you.
-- Anna, Mexico

Great product: handy, nice, durable, cool, and funny. Ill buy more in the future.
-- David, Spain

At first it sounded neat, but I kept thinking about it and finally decided to take a risk and buy the thing. I took it with me for an out-of-town conference, and it hasnt left my pocket since. Not only is it *much* easier to manage, but it has a slick factor, and Im always getting comments on how cool it is. I hate sitting on my wallets, and switching to the Jimi has removed the unsightly wallet bulge from my jeans pocket. I assumed I would use the Jimi only from time to time, but after 3 days at my conference, I cant bear to use anything else.

I never imagined liking the Jimi as much as I do; my old wallet is getting lonely. Thanks!
-- Justin, BC

Great product!
-- Neil, OR

For a man who hates having a big chunky wallet in his pocket when I found the Jimi I thought it was a godsend I quickly whipped out my trusty and soon had one on the way to my door.
-- Steven

Just what I was looking for to replace my bulky old wallet and a well designed and easy to use website too. Perfect. You can thank for the referral, by-the-way.
-- Christopher, England

Actual site is good looking and very informative about the product but is somewhat less informative about delivery options and times. Customer service is excellent with very fast reply times to questions (less than 6 hours in my case) and delivery was right on time (7 days overseas). JOB WELL DONE!
-- Sam, Finland

I received a Jimi from a friend as a Christmas present. I've been using it since, and have been liking it. I did, however want to make a suggestion.

One of the advantages that the Jimi has over other clip-style wallets is that one can have ID on each side, but unfortunately, even w/ the 'clear' plastic it's not quite transparent enough to be able to show it without removing from the holder. Personally, I think this would be rather convenient if there were an ever clearer version in this case for things like student id's, etc.
-- Leonard, LA

Hi Mark; At least I think it's Mark (That's what the signed card that came with my Jimi said as I recall). I've had the Jimi now for about a month and all I can say is that it ranks right up there with the Internet and cheese from a aerosol can when it comes to the greatest inventions of the last 100 years. In fact I would like to place an order for another 6 jimmies.
-- Gabriel, BC

Love this merchant in every way. Fast delivery even to another continent, neat safe packaging and even a hand written note of thanks. Oh and I love the wallet, perfect for taking on a night out.
-- Richard, England

I really like my Jimi and have been using it for about a week as it took a little longer to make it up to Canada than Id hoped. I do wish it fit one more card but its still been a great replacement to my old money clip. It feels really well put together and durable and I was impressed that they went to the trouble of getting the multi color instruction brochure done up for it too.
-- Danny, Canada

I bought a JIMI as a gift for my boyfriend and he is totally obsessed with it. He loves the feel of it and takes it out of his pocket every now and then for no reason just to pop it open. He especially loves the way his ID and credit cards slide perfectly out of the holder. Hes a designer and takes notice over every little detail. The web site design was great too - clean, minimal, easy to navigate and easy to make a purchase. Were telling everyone about the JIMI. Thanks for a great product!
-- Kristen, PA

Excellent product and service. Product received in only 3 business days and shipping was only ~$3.05 (an unheard of rate these days!). Jimis customer service representative e-mailed me personally to follow up on the sale and solicit feedback. Clearly, this is a company that understands the meaning of cusotmer service!I am already planning to buy their product again as gifts for friends and family in the future. Nice job!
-- Thomas, PA

I love my Jimi and here is why: 1. I'm living lite. I'm free to move. Though I bristled when I loaded it up for the first time, I now realize I didn't need to carry those other 43 cards and those six toothpicks. 2. I keep pictures of the boy on the outer panels so I can see him at a moments notice.
-- Harry, CA