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Jimi - Products That Make Sense
Jimi - Products That Make Sense


In early 2005 we set out to create a new breed of accessory products: products that make sense. What the hell does that mean you may ask?

Accessory products are generally made with little concern for the environmental impact of the materials used, who makes 'em, or where they're manufactured. Cost is pretty much the only concern. So we decided to take a look at these elements and impose some control over them; namely use lower impact materials, avoid sweatshop labor and manufacture our products locally. And do all this while making well-designed, high quality, desirable products that are competitively priced.

So far so good. We successfully launched the Jimi™ wallet in 2005, and it's now in all 50 states, in over 350 cities and towns across the globe, and sold everywhere from the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum in NYC to a tiny Scuba gear shop in an Egyptian seaside resort.

As well as creating desirable products, one of our key concerns with becoming an online retailer was offering exceptional customer service. We all experience bad customer service every day, so we felt it wasn't enough to create a new kind of product, we needed a new kind of customer experience. The goal is to find resolution to every enquiry and customer issue. We are certainly fallible, but we're proud to say after surveying our customer base Yahoo has rated our customer service as excellent, which jibes with the feedback we get through personal emails (Jimi nation). And customer service is a two way street. We regularly adopt customer service suggestions and find this close interaction one of the most rewarding aspects of our business. Thanks to all who support us.


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